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Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa October 14 2009

Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. ... .

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Tom Keynon - Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements

Chaotic Nodes

In one of our previous communications we discussed the concept of chaotic nodes. From our perspective we believe you are on the cusp of one such node.

When predicting chaotic events, one is presented with an enigma, since by its very nature chaos is unpredictable. Yet within the flow of chaotic events there is a substructure that feeds the flow of chaos, as you experience it. Based upon our understanding of this sub-structure (the quantum-field), we predict that a Chaotic Node will manifest somewhere in the next 90 days. In reality it could appear within hours of this message or weeks past the window we have predicted. (Note: see previous Hathor message entitled, Chaotic Nodes).

Nevertheless, regardless of the actual timing of this Chaotic Node, we believe that it will present itself in multiple ways, involving international finance, challenges to physical and mental health, planetary earth changes, including earthquake and volcanic activity, and increased weather anomalies. All of these events will strain the resources that your governments have to cope with such things.

As we said previously, the nature of Chaotic Nodes is such that there are multiple effects that cannot be predicted, and so we do not wish to address the specific aspects of chaos that we believe will arise, but rather we wish to discuss strategies for dealing with the chaos, energetically and spiritually.

We suggest you shift your perspective regarding chaos and view it not as an inconvenience and a difficulty, but rather as an evolutionary catalyst. How such events affect you resides in how you view them.

What we mean by this is that there is a tendency for human consciousness to get stuck in a rut, to anticipate what things are going to be like, and to take actions based upon those predictions. And for most people, when the reality does not match expectation this creates great internal travail, and yet by the very nature of Chaotic Nodes your predictive abilities collapse in the midst of multiple probabilities.

For most persons, chaotic events generate a fear response, since the stability that one counts on to predict appropriate action has seemingly disappeared. And while fear is certainly an understandable response, it is only one of many possible responses. Thus, we encourage you to train your mind to jump out of the habitual rut of self-limitation and expectation, on a moment’s notice, whenever confronted with unexpected events.

From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located.

Thus, two people in the same location experiencing chaotic events can have vastly different emotional responses. Whereas one person might be paralyzed with fear, anger, and resentment, the other person might experience the moment as humorous. He or she “gets” the cosmic joke, which is the sudden and unexpected realization that the reality everyone experiences as “real” is nothing more than the fabrication of their own minds.

When chaotic events disturb the status quo, a doorway briefly appears, an opportunity if you will, to jump upward in consciousness, to wake up from the dream spell. But waking up from the collective dream only occurs if you are prepared to step across the threshold.

For a person who is prepared mentally and emotionally to embrace chaotic events as evolutionary catalysts, the near future will be full of amusing incidents, unexpected serendipity, and a feeling of waking up from a mass dream that has gripped humanity for the last several thousand years.

So here is the line in the sand, so to speak. For those who wish to continue blaming others for the problems they are facing, for those who would rather die than wake up from the dream that they are collectively dreaming, this coming Chaotic Node will be extremely difficult to contend with, and as we have said, this is just the first of many such nodes to come. But for a person who has embraced the idea that Chaotic Nodes are evolutionary catalysts, it will be a different story.

Again, it is not where you are physically located that matters, it is your vibratory frequency, the state of your consciousness.

In the past we have given many tools to assist you as you move through these portals that are a necessary and unavoidable aspect to the ascent of earth and humanity. Some of these methods we have shared involve sacred geometry. Some of them involve emotional mastery and what we call “ecstasy and the heart.” We would suggest that you refer to these previous messages and work with the tools we have given.

For although we have said it twice already, we shall say it a third time. It is a fundamental principal we would like you to understand.

It does not matter where you are physically located. It is the state of your vibratory frequency, your state of consciousness that matters most.

However we wish to turn our attention to a very simple method of shifting your vibratory frequency.

When you are in what we call a “coherent vibratory frequency” you move through chaotic events with a greater deal of mastery, heightened intuition, and greater awareness of how you are creating the dream for yourself. These three elements free consciousness and create a positive attractor, so that in the midst of chaos you find the passageways (i.e. the right actions) that will lead you through chaotic situations. This is the type of spiritual mastery that will guide you through the coming times.

Although there are very sophisticated and complex coherent emotional states you are capable of, we wish to speak to the simplest one. You would call it “joy” or “appreciation.” When you are in a state of joy or appreciation, your vibratory frequency shifts and you are at the beginning of a continuum of vibration that moves upward.

So however you do it, and there are many ways to do this, we encourage you to choose joy and appreciation as the primary emotional tones you live in. This is mental and emotional training, and we consider it vital to prepare for what is coming your way.

Your culture hypnotizes you into believing that you must have a reason to feel joy or appreciation, but we say to you as spiritual masters, you have the ability to create this response regardless of what is happening around you.

In other words, you do not need a reason to feel joy or appreciation. If you train yourself to move into, and live in, this vibratory realm, you will pass through the coming chaotic times with a greater degree of mastery, heightened intuition and unexpected serendipity.

Dimensional Attunements

We wish to share with you a gift of sound, what we call a Dimensional Attunement to assist you through the energetic portal that the earth is now passing through.

Dimensional Attunements are a series of sound patterns that shift your vibratory rate through specific actions on energy centers within your subtle body. In future communications we will offer many Dimensional Attunements, based upon how we perceive the transition of earth and humanity from its current dimension into higher realms of consciousness.

This first Dimensional Attunement we are offering deals with the pineal gland, which has within it a crystalline structure, and from our perspective, operates like a cosmic antenna, allowing you to receive impressions, information and energy from the light realms of being.

When you listen to the Dimensional Attunement, we suggest you place your awareness in the center of your head, and as you listen to the sounds, imagine that they are coming out from the pineal gland, which is located in the center of the head. This shift in perceptual imagination will allow the sound patterns to work with you more effectively.

There is, paradoxically, within the crystalline structure of your pineal gland an infinite world of subtle impressions, knowledge and information.

Depending upon your level of self-awareness and evolution, you might experience the effects of this Dimensional Attunement as a simple energy movement within the center of your head or you might experience the complex waveforms of light that it generates. And you might experience the flows of this light and informational-energy throughout the neural networks of your brain, and in some cases, through your entire body and subtle bodies as well.

We suggest you listen to this attunement and determine, for yourself, if it is something of value for you. For some persons, it may take several “listenings” to determine this. If you feel that this Dimensional Attunement has a positive influence upon your mood, your thinking processes and your subtle awareness, then we would suggest you listen to it at least once a day, or more, if you choose.

In essence, the sound patterns of the Dimensional Attunement are an auditory reflection of complex wave patterns composed of light. You are hearing sound patterns and harmonics, but this is an auditory reflection of what is occurring in the realms of light. In other words, when you use this Dimensional Attunement while focusing upon your pineal gland, you are stimulating complex evolutionary, catalytic light waves that have vast implications for your spiritual journey.

We offer this gift freely with an understanding that those of you who have the ears to hear will recognize this as a music of the spheres, a calling home and the opening of a doorway to a great destiny that awaits you.

The Hathors October 8, 2009


Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
Chaotic Nodes

First of all, I wish to assure our readers that a Chaotic Node does not mean the end of the world. And if the Hathors are correct, there will be a series of these before and well past 2012.

This message is not one of gloom and doom, as I read it, but rather a sobering call to wake up.

Instead of looking at large-scale chaotic events as catastrophes, the Hathors are encouraging us to view them as evolutionary catalysts, doorways through which we can step out of our dream-spell into a greater perceptual reality.

They call this the cosmic joke, the sudden insight that all of us on earth are creating and fabricating our perceptions of reality.

Back in the late 1980’s when the Big Eared Guys (one of my many nicknames for the Hathors) started communicating with me, they said from the get-go that earth was undergoing an ascension process by which the planet and all life on it would enter higher dimensions of consciousness.

What this will actually look like (if indeed it does come to pass) is anybody’s guess, but one of the facts of ascension according to the Hathors is that chaotic states are unavoidable. They are the signatures of an evolving system as it moves toward a higher energetic resting state.

As I think about the world situation, the on-going financial difficulties, the increasing magnitude of storms, heightened earthquake activity in the Ring of Fire, the latest challenges around the H1N1 virus, as well as the recent and strange simultaneous eruptions of six different volcanoes in Russia, I wonder if we aren’t already in the midst of a Chaotic Node.

But upon asking the Hathors this after transcribing their message, they said that we are just at the beginning of a Bell Curve that will present itself as an ever-increasing number of seemingly unrelated chaotic events. This is essentially their definition of a Chaotic Node. (Note: For more insight into their views regarding Chaotic Nodes

Now, for the record, this is only the second time the Hathors have predicted an actual timeline in regard to events. The last time they did this was two years before the current financial meltdown. In that message they predicted a financial meltdown in a window that was from around six months to two years from when they gave the message. So in that instance, the manifestation of their prediction came at the edge of what they foretold, but clearly within the window.

This time they gave the caveat that it is difficult to predict a Chaotic Node due to the unpredictable nature of chaos itself. And so I find it of interest that they would put themselves out on a limb like this.

I have historically found beings who exist in other dimensions of consciousness very poor at predicting exact dates though they sometimes do successfully predict the general theme of events. And so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hathors turn out to be incorrect in their timeline. But I do feel that they are on the mark in regards to the general thrust of things.

I think a lot of us have the very real sense that things are out-of-control and that we are at the edge of some type of collective precipice. What the precipice turns out to be probably won’t be clear to us until we are on the other side of it. Hindsight is notoriously better than foresight.

Anyway, the Hathors are encouraging us in this message to master the art of shifting into joy and appreciation at a moment’s notice, without needing any reason to do so. They are very clear that this type of spiritual mastery is vital for dealing with the chaos that is coming our way, regardless of when it shows up.

My personal experience with joy and appreciation is that when I manage to be in these emotional states my vibratory field changes, and this does, indeed, generate what the Hathors call a positive attractor, which brings to me (in sometimes mysterious and unpredictable ways) more things to feel joy and appreciation for.

If more and more people enter states of distress due to increased incidents of chaos, the emotional atmosphere of earth is going to get even harder to contend with. And if you are empathic or just spiritually sensitive, you know what I am talking about.

For me the most important point in the first part of this message is a call to us to become masters of joy and appreciation so that we can enter into, and sustain, higher vibratory fields. This will allow us to move through chaotic events, however and whenever they show up, with a greater sense of ease and protection.

Dimensional Attunements

The second part of this message deals with what the Hathors call Dimensional Attunements. These are essentially sound codes that will assist us as we move upward in the ascension process.

They have indicated that they will be sharing several of these sound meditations as they sense the need.

The first Dimensional Attunement deals with the pineal gland, which sits more or less in the center of the head. This is a fascinating gland for several reasons. One of the more exotic aspects of this gland has to do with the fact that it is embedded with crystalline structures that are made of calcite.

According to the Hathors these crystals can act as cosmic antennae and are capable of connecting us to the realms of light and to other dimensions of consciousness. They consider this gland to be vital in the ascension process, and so this first Dimensional Attunement is intended to activate and stimulate the crystalline structures within the pineal gland in order to open or deepen our connection to other realms of being. The net result of this, according to the Hathors, is an increase in spiritual insight, intuition and guidance from those aspects of us that are beyond the constraints of time and space.

It might interest some of you to know the conditions under which this recording was made. True to many of the Hathor sound meditations, this one was downloaded to me in the ungodly hours after midnight. Specifically, I was awakened after I had gone to bed and instructed to go into the studio and start laying down the vocal tracks. The bulk of the recording took place in the six hours remaining before the October Harvest Full Moon.

I suggest you follow the Hathors’ suggestion on this one. Listen and see if you are drawn to it. You should be able to tell in a few sessions of listening if this is something that nourishes you and is effective or not.

If it doesn’t work for you, forget about it. But if you are like me, you will be amazed at both the subtle energetics of this sound meditation and its effectiveness. I listen to it several time a day and often in an extended session where I repeat the track several times. I find that focusing on the pineal in this way for an extended period deepens the experience and leaves my pineal feeling as if it has been turned into a beacon of light.

Listening Instructions

The purpose of listening to this 5:47 recording is to stimulate an increased awareness of, and to activate energetic potentials within the crystalline structures that reside within the pineal gland.

In this esoteric view, the pineal crystals (that are embedded within the pineal gland) operate like a type of cosmic-antennae that can be tuned to the higher vibrational-realms of light. This is, in fact, the intended purpose for listening to this psychoacoustic catalyst.

It is best to listen to this sound meditation with stereo headphones. Any type of headphones, even ear buds, will work fine.

As you listen to the recording, place the focus of your attention in the center area of your head, where the pineal gland is located. Imagine that the sounds are coming from out of the pineal gland, even though in reality, the sounds are coming in through your ears. This simple shift in perceptual imagination will generate a more powerful mind-altering experience.

You can, if you wish, listen to the recording multiple times in one listening session. However, do note that repeated listening of this track can create a type of psycho-spiritual cleansing reaction. If you experience such a reaction, stop listening. Take a break, and then listen to the sequence just once a day until your energetic system has adjusted to the increased light activation of the pineal.

An Important Note:

Normally in the mastering process of a recording, certain frequencies are toned down so that the recording can be played back on a wide range of different systems. In this case, none of the frequencies have been toned back for obvious reasons. This means that if you play the recording on a low quality system (without headphones), the speakers of your playback system may have a hard time handling all the frequencies. In other words, your system may distort the sounds and/or you may hear a vibration in the speakers. This problem can be completely avoided if you listen to the recording with headphones, which is the best way to listen to it anyway.

The Hathors

Shining Ones of Enlightenment 2012 Spiritual Transformation

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Ascension is a natural and normal part of the evolutionary process of the Universe. It has always been so and will probably continue until it is no longer necessary as a universal process.

Therefore any ideas of this process being something new or weird, usually means that this concept hasn't been understood. When the real meaning of this concept is not grasped, we get separation and terms such as "the ascensionists".

Let us look more carefully at what Ascension is.

Evolution is basically a continuing growth through learning in many forms. This growth comes about through greater spiritual wisdom, compassion, tolerance, integrity, true understanding and such qualities that lead us to unconditional love.

Each person has their own unique energy vibration and it is this we are recognising when we feel someone is instantly familiar or we are immediately comfortable with someone. Whilst each being always holds this special energy, the overall vibrational field of a being alters depending on the current level of evolution he or she is at. Our individual vibrational band as a being decides the world we see. All dimensions exist in the now but we can only see things that lay within the vibrational band of Light that we resonate with - that matches us. Wisdom and love raise ones vibration, taking it from dense, slower moving frequencies to faster, finer frequencies.

Ascension is merely a stage in this evolutionary process and involves reaching a place where one is ready to raise oneself to the frequency of Light, whereby the fifth dimension becomes accessible and visible.

It is not something for the "chosen few", but is available to every being in the entire universe. It is obtained on an individual basis, within the time frame that being chooses to experience his or her growth. It is inevitably gained by everyone at some point or another.

One does not need to understand the process or to have ever heard the word Ascension in order to ascend. It is simply a word that is used by some to define this particular step of ones growth. All stages of evolution are wonder-ful and contain their own special beauty and wisdom. However, it is felt by many that Ascension is a special stage as it involves the transition from a third dimensional reality of duality and its relevant learning, to an awareness of oneness, harmony and love.

Moving to the fifth dimension, one passes through the fourth and releases all buried emotion and thought that has too dense a vibration to permit the being to raise him or herself and his lower subtle bodies, into the higher frequencies of Light.

Those attaining Ascension in past times, have allowed the physical body to "die" and having increased the vibration of the subtle bodies, raised themselves into the fifth dimension. There is now an opportunity to change this universal pattern and ascend all our lower bodies, bringing a new pattern of ascension into universal manifestation. For the first time in this universe, there is a possibility for those choosing it to increase the vibratory rate of the molecular structure of the physical body. As in all new things presented to humanity, the idea may well seem "way out" and impossible. Not so long ago, talking to someone thousands of miles away or walking on the moon, would have seemed impossible.


The Earth now needs to bring all the energy within her structure back into a perfect ball and raise in frequency in order to make her Ascension. She is quite capable of doing this. The way she does it is dependant on the amount of Light she receives in. She tries to release these areas as gently as possible and we can assist this by focusing Light in and across the Earth, creating positive and healing patterns around our world.

Prayer also has always been a form of connection to the Divine Source of all and we know this links to the power of God.

Some feel they wish to help the Earth in a more practical way and this is also helping greatly. She is grateful for all these forms of help.

If sufficient Light is taken into help this transmutation, she does not then need to correct the energy imbalance in a geophysical manner, such as through earthquakes, floods, etc.

In her love and compassion for all life upon Earth and for her own comfort, she would naturally prefer to have a pain and trauma free transition. As we know most mothers would choose the gentlest birth possible. She is no exception and doesn't enjoy the pain of cracks and upheavals in her structure or the added trauma of human suffering.

Everyone on Earth is special and unique and each has their own role to play in the overall scheme of things. If each one follows that which feels right to say or do, then each will be carrying out their part in that plan. If instead, you permit yourself to do that which you "should do" often through guilt, you are quite liable to be stepping outside of your agreements. It is time to let go and let God. By doing this, you will be truly taking responsibility. If it feels right for you to help the dolphins, save the rainforests, increase awareness of child abuse, or do nothing,...... the range is endless ..... understand that because this is right for you, it does not have to mean that it is right for others also. Each has their own task to do and if you permit yourself to be talked ito what you "should be doing", you will not therefore carry out what you are really meant to be doing in that moment. If you do what feels right in the heart from a place of love and not from fear or guilt then you can trust that you are in the flow of Divinity. From that place you can intuitively sense the next move.

Another way to assist the Earth is by keeping our own auric field (aura) clear and free of negativity. We can then allow Light to pass through the energy centres (chakras) of the body, down into the Earth. You can keep this field clear through a discipline of only permitting positive thoughts, pure intent, use of affirmations, non judgement, moving from the "head" to the "heart", realizing that all are brother and sister and becoming more loving. There are various products available that assist in raising vibration and help clear the lower bodies. There are colour, sound, crystals, oils and many natural essences in use for these purposes such as Bach lower remedies, Aura Light and Second Aid Essences. As regards any assistance via products or indeed from any source, take only that which resonates and feels right for you. Each of us have different needs and whereas one may find that Aromatherapy produces miracles, another may simply need more peace or to look at the area of self love. Many paths are available for there are many different people with as many different needs. By following our intuition we can lead ourselves to increased awareness and higher levels of evolution.

It is time on this planet for everyone to make a choice about the sort of world they wish to live in. One of peace and love or the current world we see now upon the Earth. It is our choice!


Footnote: For an indepth study of the Ascension process we recommend Joshua David Stone's series of books, distributed through



The following words were channelled in reply to a request for an "easy-to-understand" explanation of the changes taking place on planet Earth and with mankind. Additional channellings, over a period of about a year have been added to help the reader understand and act upon some of these changes.

To the people of the planet Earth, we in the higher realms greet you with much love. Might I explain that the term "Higher Realms" is one to describe the dimensions on which the souls known to you as the Archangles, the Lord Jesus (Sananda), the Lord Kuthumi, the Lord Maitreya, the Lady Mary, the Lady Nada and myself, Archangel Michael, plus many, many souls who have watched over the evolution of planet Earth and touched the vibrations.

The earth has evolved through aeons of time in the different levels of consciousness and, as you are aware, the negativity upon the planet has reached the level where the Mother Earth herself has decided that the time to raise the consciousness of mankind is essential for their continuing evolvement and, indeed, for the planet herself. To this end we, in the higher realms, are endeavouring to bring into being the plan of the Father-Mother God, the Universal Spirit or Universal Source, call it what you may, to raise the planet into one of a lighter (higher) frequency.

To the inner man, i.e. the soul or spirit within, we are sending thoughts about the coming of the golden age, the age of Aquarius, when mankind will meet the positive aspect instead of the negative aspect, which has been so pervalent.

Initially, we will be sending influxes of light to the planet to awaken the soul, which is within each and everyone, to the knowledge which they have within their consciousness; to the knowledge that the soul of man never dies. This is the essence of the message that the soul of man is eternal and that it incarnates upon various planetary systems to evolve to its full ability. The body is but a vehicle you inhabit whilst upon the Earth.

Regarding the plan of the universal spirit, which is to enable the planet to evolve into one of light, it will be possible to take along with her (the planet) any of mankind who so desire. Yes, my dear beloved children, you have the opportunity of ascending the realms of light if you so desire. The choice is yours.

I, Archangel Michael, would ask that you think light in your daily lives for the thought of light can help more than you realise. Might I tell you that the thought of mankind is the most powerful tool they have. Yes "the power of thought", so use your thoughts wisely. Might I suggest that you surround yourself in light as this will keep the negative aspects from touching your vibrations. Picture your family, your friends, any situation that is causing you concern and imagine it in a bubble of light. Know that this light is helping them, or it. Visualise light upon the governments of all countries around the world that they may act for the good of their people. My beloved children, by visualising peace and harmony upon the earth you will be helping to bring this into reality, for all thoughts that go out affect the consciousness of man - yes, all thoughts. They stay within the energy field around the planet and therefore can be absorbed by others, so watch your thoughts and words, my children.

We in the higher realms are assisting in the raising of man's consciousness to the spiritual as well as the material aspects thus trying to bring about balance within the body and within the planet.

The love of the Father is with each and every one of you. All are dearly loved. The confusion in the minds of men is due to the vibrational change, which is affecting every living cell upon earth; the very essence of life.

The cellular structure of the universe has to be changed to meet the momentum of the cycling of the planets. This in turn will affect every single cell. This means that the change in the path of the universe will in turn affect the rate of the velocity of matter - the very minutest particle will alter its volume. The mixing of matter with light will involve the planets gathering momentum, thereby rotating at a greater frequency. This means that all matter on the earth's surface will need to evolve at a faster frequency to realign, hopefully, with the minimum of disturbance.

Might I suggest that the more enlightened think about meeting this increased rate of change as this will, in turn, help them to tune into the faster frequencies thereby alleviating any of the distress which is manifesting amongst the people of the world. There is no going back. The plan is now being enacted to the Father's will. To this end the plan of the Father is to offer everyone the right to ascend to the realms of light. The love of the Father is such that everything will have a chance to evolve into the light.

Signed: Archangle Michael

Here follows an excerpt of a channelled interview with Archangel Michael.

Q. Archangel Michael, can you let us have some advice on what to give to people when they ark for a way to cleanse, heal and connect themselves with spirit, please.

A. The need to meet with the Ministers of Light is the first and foremost exercise. To do this they may simply send up the thought. The vibrations are such at this time that if you call, we hear. When you feel some vibrational change, usually in your head, you know we are with you. Think light. Send light up and out. Surround yourselves with light at all times. Do not worry about connecting. Worry often causes you to misread the vibrations, so do not doubt. You ask and we answer, it really is as simple as that.

To cleanse the whole system, first use the light. Bring the light through every aspect of yourself, not forgetting your mind, thereby allowing the light rays to circulate every part of your being. Feel it. Imagine the light progressing through each atom, each molecule, through every single aspect of your being - you are a child of the light, so breathe light, live light and you will progress to the light.

The glass of water routine is also a physical, and easy to understand, practice for you to maintain. This routine should be maintained not just once now and again, but become a part of your daily lives until you do not even think of partaking in them. Think it to be.

The glass of water routine: fill a tumbler with water at night. Hold it in your hands and ask the Ministers of Light to energise the water overnight with all that is necessary for your growth and for you to be re-balanced and re-energised. If you wish you can add to this the daily need to re-align all your bodies - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - as these need to be re-aligned to meet the increased vibrations. Let no doubts manifest. Think it to be.

Mentioning "doubt" - if only you could see the power of doubt. A mist immediately surrounds your aura, so please be positive. If you must doubt, make it a quick "I do not know" and relegate it to the past. Do not carry it with you. Most of all, KNOW that we are with you! We understand your uncertainties and confusion but, my children, the rate of change will be increasing so the time for procrastinating is past. You must grow in the light.

The opportunity which you all have is a gift to be treasured and therefore, as with all treasures, has to be gained. Treasures do not usually come gift-wrapped. The gifts you treasure are usually the gifts you have worked for - to obtain the gift of mastery is one such gift. We need to impress upon you the fact that you cannot sit back and wait for the call to all the enlightened to receive their degrees of mastery. No, my children, you must progress through the various lessons and tests you are given. The masters have never inferred that the ascension is there for all without some effort on your part. We will, with your permission, instruct you during your sleep hours. This, in most cases, is the easiest time for us as your logical minds are at rest and the progress is therefore much quicker.

The Ministers of Light will note your reactions to the lessons given to you, therefore if you feel inspired in some way, even if it is contrary to the ususal way you feel, consider the possibility that it might be the result of our teachings and be guided accordingly. The quicker you can assimilate the teachings, the nearer you come to becoming ascended masters. So, my childred, the rewards are there for you and the lessons will increase your ability to transcend the realms of light. With regard to your lessons, the need to recognise that the masters will encourage you in every way, is essential. The time is drawing near when the vibrations will be such that many of you will be able to connect more easily with us. The initial lessons will have been worth the learning in that you will be able to meet the lighter vibrations without too much discomfort.

We will endeavour to teach you the essential steps towards the evolutionary process. The most important step is to think light; to become a part of light by radiating the light to the earth and its inhabitants. You are light workers. Try not to let doubt enter your consciousness. The need to grow in the light is the most essential step you have to take, so take it with love in your hearts. This love and light will emit from you, enfolding you, helping you. Might I tell you of the need to continually ask to be re-aligned, re-balanced andre-energised. Ask that all your bodies be re-aligned daily, and ask for the cleansing of your three bodies and your mind. Doing this will indeed pay dividends. As the vibrations increase you will automatically change in accordance with the rate of change. Please make this a daily occurrence.

Might I also touch upon the subject of the ability to overcome the tendency to doubt so much about what you hear or experience. Why not try believing! The time for doubting is surely gone. You are light workers. You are going forward to the golden age, so go forward with a glad heart and belief in the future.

The Ministers of Light will be forever with you.

Signed: Archangel Michael

Might I, Sanande, give you the laws of the Universe:

- The natural law of love
- The law of light
- The law of the understanding of the Cosmic laws,
including inter-dimensional laws.
- The Universal law that thought will convey deeds
- The law that light rays will enable you to transcend the
realms of light
- The law that the initiate will heip the unawakened
- The law of the Universe of the need to promote the expansion of
knowledge to light workers
- The law of justice to all

Signed: Sananda