Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Messages from the Celestials, lll

Brother Veritus' Website.

Message Through Lauren Gorgo in 2006.

Beloved sister of the Light, it is I, Athena. Blessings. Indeed a virtue to be with you again this day, this special day in Earth time. Thank you for connecting with your star family, I assure you we have much to tell.

The emanations from the Galactic Center are deeply resonating within the human heart at this time. This emanation of pure love is a vibration that is altering the human heart, mind and emotions. Many are experiencing a change for the first time regarding past emotions and this wave of change is sending a spiral of harmonic discordance into the collective. This spiral is then accessible by all other sentient beings regarding the same frequency as their own.

Now in the scheme of things, this is relatively impotent in terms of effect on the whole, however, due to the intense force field of Light surrounding your planet at this time thought is amplified and sped up exponentially, thereby making thought-forms of every kind accessible with great rapidity.

Respectively, what we then wish to discuss with you today is the amperage or voltage of Light available for the harmonic accord of Lightworkers. In this arena we are well versed as the Light waves of future resonance are part of our current technology and consciousness. This means that as you begin to assimilate higher frequencies of love, we can control the effect that it will have from the Galactic Center and send forth the appropriate waves of alteration for mankind.

You, who work diligently for the Light have great advantage here. Dear Ones, listen softly to your radiation of heart. This radiation is an indication of our presence, the presence of your future selves residing within. You, as multidimensional beings of Light, have access now to these sacred centers and can utilize the gifts of your future knowledge in the new dynamic gridwork that has been placed around your Earth. The electrical circuits are intact for the new breed of Light bearers soon to enter your plane and this grid structure has been implemented and enabled for those who can access it.

Now there are some tricks to the trade, so to speak, but this comes with the territory of learning to utilize each aspect of your new and higher vibrating forms. The first to note is your immunity to discord. This aspect of Light from the new grid seals off lower vibrations that lack harmony so as to not interfere or scramble your new frequencies. This is not only a precautionary measure for you but for the planet as your power is limitless and therefore must be contained in the Light.

You must understand that now you are harboring a newly designed vessel of unprecedented power and though we have stated many times the importance of your responsible action, this cannot be underestimated. You, who are stepping into this new frequency, are already cleared of the lowest vibrations of Earth, yet, due to the abounding upheaval on your Shan, there is still much electric discord. You must not be intercepted by the forces of evil or persuaded by the darkness of greed. You must maintain an open heart of gratitude and compassion to offer the gifts of spirit to yourself and others.

Now in the scheme of a shifting planet, there is much to be tended to. Some of you have a specific thread of purpose, some are varied and encompass many aspects of evolution. This is the activation of your specific blueprints that you enabled by the raising of your frequency and therefore you made the choice to step forward in service. With the new gridwork in place, your Lightbody has been designed and will be activated for the purposes of your life's work. No two beings will be the same in this regard. Therefore, do not look for similarity among Lightworkers and their gifts, instead seek your individuality in reverence for this is the aspect of Creator that you chose to employ in these very exciting times. Likewise find the reverence for each other and you will come to know the multi-faceted and dynamic plan of The All.

Those of you with life missions held in the arena of global teaching will be fitted for your new roles and have the ability to accomplish your work with great ease. Likewise, each of you who partake in a specific aspect of Lightwork and restoration of your planet shall be assisted greatly and individually by us, the Ashtar command, and by your soul team of ascendancy. This is to ensure that you Lighted and wise ones have the ability to move with great speed to put forth the physical manifestations and implement the new gridwork available in the ley lines.

The ley lines are encrypted with great universal intelligence and have a marked role to play in the advancement of your civilization. We of the [Ashtar] Command have been working with these ley lines to create the framework by which you will begin to structure your world into a workable form. Never before has the grid around your planet been so ripe and alive with potentiality and you must take great concern to keep these ley lines sacred for they are so rapidly becoming vital. Those of you who have the inner seeds planted for working with these specific geographical codes will have been alerted to your role as gatekeepers of the land. Some of you may find yourselves in strange locations, not knowing exactly why you are placed within these specific coordinates. We say to you that this is specifically why.

All of the stabilization of your planet needs to happen in a relatively short period of time, and many of you are feeling the frustration of that urgency. Know that we are given permission to assist you in many, many ways. Not as interference but as guidance. We share the urgency of the Great Plan and therefore have much invested in ensuring the rapid success of it all. We have been given permission to use and impart great forces of technology to assist those who request it. We must be invited to employ such efforts, though many of you now are patiently waiting our assistance.

Beloveds, in the coming days you will have but a glimpse of the world as you know it now. This is not something to be fearful of as many of you are ready and willing to take this very necessary leap for the sake of humanity and the Earth herself. There will be unlimited amounts of assistance available to you as the entire universe is on-call, so to speak, to lift you out of duality. We are capable of many things that you would deem impossible but I assure you that in a very short time you too will be capable of the impossible. You are the vanguard of this Divine Plan but we oversee all action to ensure its integrity. You experience while we oversee, yes, but our involvement is paramount to your success. So call on us and be assured that we are with you, guiding you and assisting you to live the impossible.

I Am Athena and I work directly with the Ascension of your planet Earth in all my glory. I have come to assist the mighty ones to remember their power. You know who you are and I say this now, your cloak must be lifted to expose your true identity as you lead the planet to her destination. We are your teachers no more for you have graduated to the level of mastery. Step forth and show your faces, Dear Ones, for the Light you emit will remind many of Home. What a sight for sore eyes who see. Great tidings are abound, and your celebrations for the 9th year will have very different meaning in retrospect. Blessings abound, Dear Warriors of Light, you have exceeded our expectations. Farewell.

Thank you, Athena.