Thursday, November 25, 2010

Relay Relay Relay St. Germain 11/25/10

Message from St. Germain
November 25, 2010

There is much happening on this world, much of it unseen by the majority of people.  The manipulations and subterfuge is a part of the end game that is causing those who have much to lose of a material nature to seek out more openly destructive ways in which to save themselves and to preserve their great and ill-gotten wealth.

In the United States, the people are being tested this weekend to come.  The complacency with which humanity will give up its' freedoms in the name of "safety" and "security" is being watched and recorded by the citizens of the world.  Your country was founded with the God-given mandate to awaken from the dream and to be a  a shining example of what is a reality of government, For, By, and Of the People!

To allow that which is Sacred, ( your Soverignty,) to be taken from you as helpless little children is Not why you have been born here!  You are here to usher in a New world, not a more degraded one, a world of frightened children who need "the government" to make them safe! 

You are Free!  Yet you are Allowing your subjugation to your enslavers!!!  Your Precious bodies are Sacred as are your children's bodies!  These Innocents are being abused in your public Airports!  This is Not keeping you and your children "Safe"!  This is making you docile chattle of the Controllers of your lives! 

If you truly want a New World, a world of harmony, peace, kindness, and safety, well, That is up to You, each individual, to bring into this reality By Your Actions!  One who helped to craft the Constitution said that the job of the government isn't to protect you, rather it is there to SERVE you! 

My precious ones, there Are no guarantees that you will always be safe.  Life is a Grand Adventure!  Adventures aren't always "safe", but remember, that you are Truly Living when you Feel your FREEDOM, your Soverignty!  When you give over your freedoms to another, whether it is a person or a governmental body, then you are the Walking Dead!

My Dear Ones, You must wake up from this dream that is in reality, a nightmare!  See it for what it is!

Remember that Your FEAR FEEDS the Dark Ones!  They Thrive on it!  YOU HAVE THE LIGHT OF THE CHRIST!  YOU NEED NOTHING ELSE! 
Be in Integrity, Be Courageous, Be FREE! 

On this Day of thankfulness in your country, ponder those who walked this land before you came here, those who took care to keep the balance within themselves and on the Mother of All, the Earth.  Ponder how the Earth MOTHER has been disrespected and poisoned since then.  Every action of yours affects the Earth; even your thoughts! 

It is Time for you ALL over this precious planet to respect yourselves, your sisters and brothers in all Kingdoms on the earth!  Know that ONLY YOU Can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WORLD OF SLAVERY AND A WORLD OF SOVERIGNTY!  It is Your Move now! 

Walk this day in Heartfelt Thankfulness AND determination to protect
the GIFT OF LIFE of All Beings on the Earth Mother.  I Am St. Germain.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Thursday November 25, 2010 9:20 am

These Messages may be posted to other sites, Only in their Entirety and do not Title them as I write them as Given to me.  These Messages are Copywrited. Thank You!  Spirit Eagle

Seven Sacred Weeks - November 25, 2010 - January 12, 2011


A Divine Dispensation Granted by The Great Divine Director

As we give our love and adoration to our I AM Presence, may we invoke the Sacred Fire Presence of the Great Ones during these next 49 days. These Masters and their legions of angels are just waiting to be called in to assist with their love, guidance and protection for each of us and all life upon Earth.
From the fullness of humility and innocence, may we acknowledge and accept their assistance to help heal, purify and raise us into our highest potential as ascended and free Humanity.
These brief bios are meant to give us a general feel for their energy essence and activity of the liberating Sacred Fire. Each of these Masters are force fields of energy coming with a whole entourage of angels, assisting spirits and intervening Grace.

Goddess of Purity: Goddess of Purity focuses with the White Ray of Purity to the Earth, bringing wholeness and perfection of the Christ Self through the flame of the Mother’s Presence. You may call upon the Goddess of Purity and her Great Central Sun's Immortal Flame of Purity and Love to come forth into your being and world, restoring everything to Divine Purity and Balance, opening the way that you, your family and all humanity may go forth, the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of life on Earth. Her Sacred Fire Love offers assistance in cutting free from the illusions of human creation and to expand awareness into Christ Consciousness. Her flower is the Lily.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

SaLuSa - November 3, 2010

Many different messages confirm that you are great Beings and we cannot emphasize that fact sufficiently, to convey to you that you are far more than you appear to be in your physical incarnation. Your view of yourself, has been clouded by the veil that has covered you in the lower dimension. 

It has not been helped by those who have controlled you, and kept the truth from you. You have been led to believe that you are lowly Beings when in fact you are sovereign Beings, and should be treated as such. You are the equal to every other soul wherever they are in the Universe. Some religious teachings have claimed that you are born with sin, whereas you carry no such burden. You have entered each life you with a clean slate, to make good any mistakes from earlier lives. That is the result of fair and just laws that do not punish, but allow for the experiences you have chosen using your freewill.

Your purpose in duality has been to experience whatever you desire, and in so doing bring through your Light and Love. Many of you have now been successful in overcoming the negative aspects of duality, and are ready to ascend. This in no way reflects upon those who have not yet reached such a level, as you have always been given as much time as you needed to evolve. The only factor that affects you are the periodic cycles such as the one you are now completing. It is the end of a cycle, and a new one commences that will last thousands of years before it also ends. 

Nevertheless, it is possible for a soul to ascend at any time, but it will not be as easy as the opportunity that you now have with mass ascension. It is a unique occasion, and completes not just a solar cycle of over 26,500 years, but also a greater Galactic cycle.
Dear Ones, the Creator is in your way of thinking the consciousness of All That Is and contains all life within. Your Mother/Father God is the creator of your Universe and has the responsibility for all that occurs within it, but bear in mind it is what you would call an experiment in Freewill, and you too have your own responsibilities. 

We know that many souls cannot understand why God has not intervened on Earth, to stop the dark Ones from abusing you and Mother Earth. It comes back to freewill and the Law of Attraction, and God cannot interfere with what you have brought upon yourselves. God will certainly protect other planets from your actions, such as the activation of nuclear weapons. Indeed, we of the Galactic Federation have been given that responsibility to contain the result of your tests, by protecting you from the radiation and nuclear fall out. 

You will know by now, that we have also prevented nuclear war and the possibility of the Earth being destroyed. Yes, we have done a lot of work on your behalf that you are totally unaware of, and that is the nature of our service to mankind.

Our role has been one of ensuring that you safely reach the end of this cycle, and that you all have the opportunity to ascend. The dark Ones would go to any lengths to stop you, as their agenda is to take over the Earth and enslave you. However that is not to be because the Creator has commanded that Ascension goes ahead, and is not to be interfered with in any circumstances. Rest assured we have carried out our responsibilities in this respect, and you are about to see the full extent to which we have planned to accompany you through to the end time. The energies that accompany disclosure have increased tenfold, and it is forcing the issue so that it must come out very soon.

Like you we can get excited, particularly as your achievement in having come so far is quite remarkable given the opposition you have encountered. Levels of consciousness continue to rise, and that means that more people are awakening to their true selves. Not only that, they are demanding a better government that truly carries out its duties and responsibilities to the people. That will in fact come into being, but first events must enable the old government to be removed. It will then be possible to bring in those souls who are here for that purpose, and in many cases have already made themselves known.
Deep within you know that success will be yours, but you still have to work at it by bringing to Earth as much Light as possible. 

The going may get tougher but as we take pains to point out, it will all be turned around much quicker than you can imagine. It was never intended or envisaged that you would have to suffer right to the end of the cycle. In fact, it has always been known that you would be released from the control of the dark Ones, well before the final days. Matters are coming to a head now, and once the ball starts rolling there will be no stopping it. At times you will find your heads spinning as you absorb the information that is to be given you. It will cover your history and our involvement with you, and the path we shall take to ensure Ascension takes place as planned. 

Some of you will be joining us, as others take their ordained paths that will take them into the higher dimensions. You could say that the end of this cycle is in fact more a beginning of something entirely different to what you have been used to. It is desirable and merited by your perseverance and determination to see out duality successfully. Those who are not ready for Ascension will take the benefit of their experiences with them. It means that they will have a head start in the next cycle of duality, which will take place on a planet similar to Earth.

Evolution never stops, and it is paced according to your desire and intent to progress through the higher dimensions. You choose how quickly you proceed, and will find that you always have an inner urge to keep moving forward. At present that same urge pushes you onwards, as you have your sights set upon taking the opportunity to leave duality. When the hard lessons have been learnt, there is no need to prolong your stay in the 3rd dimension, and you look for new challenges in the higher ones.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to be associated with the Human Race. You have shown great courage to experience the lower vibrations, and enormous faith in the Creator to plan for your release and Ascension. I bless you all and send my love to uplift you wonderful souls.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Friday, October 29, 2010

AVE MARIA (Bach/Gounod) -- Anna Moffo: Dazzling!

Latest Blue Star Transmission

10-25-10 to 12-25-10
"Perseverance in the Face of Difficulty"

NOTE: Blue Star wishes to include a special message for all people. This message is to remain on the website for the entire year of 2010.

*People of all nations, please listen to what I have to say: this year of 2010 is a year that will never be forgotten. Those who are progressing on their own path of Spiritual evolution at their own pace, will be facing many trials and tribulations FOR A WHILE this year. You are each here on the Earth Star planet for more than 1 reason; all you really need to know about that is that this is the year you all trained for. 2010 is a year to live courageously! All that you know and all that you think you know is being put to the test. How you each handle these tests will be your own measure of greatness, your own meter of your strengths and weaknesses. We will all continue watching over you as will those of the Spirit world. We will aid all those we can. Those who refuse to change, well, their future is now written in stone. The answer to “11-11” is IN “2011.”

I bring greetings to all of our Earthbound cousins and all others who are our kin who are now living among you. Our kin are from many star systems who are here to continue rendering assistance to all. These ones too most definitely deserve our greetings. Now, as I browse the thoughts and mindsets of all peoples on this planet, I can not help but wonder if the fear I see, hear and feel within so many minds is yet recognized by you ones as the result of the deliberate implantation by less evolved Souls as their means of bringing you "down" yet again. In order to successfully defeat those who wish to keep you in fear, you must first recognize what your fears are and WHEN they became exacerbated. I have in the past done my best to inform you ones over and over again about the time periods you are living in. Also I have told you of the necessity of understanding that much tempest and upheaval would be the new "norm" that would confront you on a daily basis for quite a long time. I have also explained, rather patiently I might add, that it is the tempest that is the dying winds of change that births new winds that will align with the NESARA winds. I do know that I have been very clear about these matters, so I can only correctly conclude that many among you ones simply are too afraid to accept the truth while others are too afraid NOT to. I always bring to you ones greetings and truth. I never bring you fear.

Do any of you believe for a nanosecond that we ourselves have no difficulties to face? If you do, then I suggest you speak with all the Souls of our brethren who have been killed by invasive actions committed against them while they HAD been fighting for just cause in the defense of this realm! Each lifetime you have as individuals and as of an aspect of your own Soul Clusters has been fraught with danger and fear every time you descended into matter here. Yet you ones still lose sight of your greatest enemy and your greatest fear. You forget that you are engaged in battle with yourself first and foremost. Until such time that you each as unique individuals can face yourselves and recognize that so often in each lifetime you have allowed yourselves to be the greatest pawns and your own worst nightmares, you can not win against those children of the lesser gods!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oct 13-14 UFOs and 2012

James Gilliland

I have been asked to comment on what I thought about the Transcendors, as well as Stan Fulham's prediction of ufos showing up in mass over major cities. There are a few red flags, which come up for me despite doing the happy dance that the issue is finally hitting the mainstream press. One we have to remember Werner Von Braun's warning eloquently repeated by Carole Rossin. The cold war, Iraq, Iran, terrorists, false flag events like 911, pandemics, economic collapses are all used to keep the masses in fear by the banking, oil, pharmaceutical and war industries. These industries control mainstream media. According to Carole the next manufactured threat will be a mock ET invasion with the use of project blue beam, holographic images of ufos and masters along with other back engineered vehicles from the Secret Space Fleet uncovered by Gary McKinnon. Gary should get a medal not a jail sentence he is a true hero within the UFO community; which should fully get behind him.

That being said we have to use extreme discernment concerning any new appearances of UFOs being considered a threat, invasion scenarios and demonization of all UFOs. We also need to be aware that although the vast majority of off world visitors are benevolent not all ETs have our best interest at heart and some can be self serving with no respect for humanity. These low level contacts have happened in the past, deals were made, trades for technology if they could do human experimentation. This did not go over to well, agreements were broken and governments got a crash course in discernment. There was the option of aligning with the benevolent off worlders yet the leadership of the time did not exercise that option due to the terms. The terms were we needed to end our warlike aggressive nature and get rid of the nuclear weapons if they were to give us any new technologies. This agreement was given to all sides in the cold war.

This next understanding is crucial in understanding off world visitors. The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect. You will also frame events according to your reference points and beliefs. Another point is we magnetize people and events to us according to our consciousness. These two points are critical in determining the truth in any situation. A military mindset will see anything they cannot understand, control or dominate as a threat. Beings and ships that can come and go as they wish, impervious to any of our weapons and technology are deemed a threat. The military will do anything to get their hands on these technologies to use them in the war industry because whoever has the best technology in war usually win. The faster, stronger, more destructive the technology the better. The fearful or victims will see off world visitors also as a threat. The religious will see them as demons or angels depending on the branch and the local ministers take on things. The Catholic Church has said UFOs are not to be demonized and Billy Graham calls them Gods other angels. Some Catholic priests have said it only adds to the glory of God, others say they are without original sin and some say they will have no problem baptizing them if they do come. It is my opinion when dealing with a highly evolved race of beings we should not be so arrogant as to think they need us. Especially when they have transcended all material lack, disease, war, cultural and religious boundaries. There are also the Pollyanna's who believe all off world visitors are loving, friendly and have no agenda other than to beam us up and play checkers while the Earth goes through its tribulations having to do nothing on their part to rise to the occasion and be the solution. The everyday citizen according to the polls believe UFOs exist, there is life on other planets and would love to know more. This is their lucky day.

For those who want to know more and move beyond all the disinformation, Hollywood hype, overactive imaginations and hear from experience this message is for you. There are low level contacts, a hybrid program going on for quite some time. This is where the abductions scenarios are coming from. These are the greys and reptilian factions in cahoots with rouge elements in our military and they control the central government through the major corporations. The rites and rituals performed by the illuminati or the N.W.O. New World Order, which controls the corporations, are to draw to and align themselves with these groups and other demonic forces. They lust for power and wealth, dominion over all and have sold their souls becoming puppets for these seen and unseen entities. Some in their own twisted way believe if they can create Armageddon this will force Jesus to come and save the world acting contrary to all his teachings.

The evidence is overwhelming concerning these groups and events. There are those who will scream we work for the cabal for saying there are negative ETs out there yet these very entities work hand and hand with the cabal some knowing and some due to lack of discernment unknowing. The Pollyanna approach can be a form of cognitive dissonance refusal to accept any reality other than ones own where no amount of truth can change ones mind. Then as we said there are those who knowingly work for the very ones they are pointing the finger at. The information concerning UFOs is almost totally controlled even in the UFO community other than a very small minority who have maintained their integrity.

The time is up on Earth for these negative factions. The days of the tyrants and controllers are coming to and end. Any last ditch efforts; false flag operations and mock ET invasions will just insure and quicken their demise. The Earth is evolving, she is moving beyond the frequency of these energies as well as expressions of these energies. This is why the hybrid program was going on. The greys cannot make the shift without our genetics and emotions. They experiment physically, mentally and emotionally and have a long history of not telling the truth. When I hear information coming from the greys this brings up a big red flag whereas discernment is in order.

Another red flag is the carbon emissions and global warming; carbon taxing. We should call this climate change not global warming because according to all the latest statistics the planet is cooling. We need to clean up our land, air and water, stop burning fossil fuels, which are in truth abiotic and plentiful. They need to be replaced with green energy and fueless energy, which has been held back and suppressed by the elite for over 70 years. The nuclear waste is also something that needs to be addressed. There are fueless energy generators that can run the turbins to generate all the electricity we need. There are suppressed off grid technologies as well.

The geo-engineering, aerosol spraying, "Chemtrails" are not cooling down the planet they are creating a toxic mess with carcinogens and biologicals designed to eliminate much of the population. They are creating an environment suitable for the negative factions and many scientists are duped into thinking it is for the greater good. There also are the bought scientists knowingly lying to the public. Spraying aluminum, barium, strontium, and a host of other deadly chemicals and biologicals are not for the greater good and are in fact warming the planet to bring on even more severe Earth Changes. The air, water and land are becoming unsuitable for life and there are even those creating GMO crops to live in these unnatural and poisonous environments knowing they will have the monopoly. also see the movie, What on Earth Are They Spraying.

There is manufactured lack and reckless greed controlling the oil. The gulf spill and other spills, tanker and pipeline disasters to numerous to mention show a long history of greed and profit without any respect for the environment or human life. The oil companies and other corporations own by contribution the majority of politicians, the government and all regulatory agencies. The greed and corruption is monumental. By the people and for the people had been replaced by a dictorial corporate democracy with profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth as the modes operandi. They own the mainstream media a good example of which is the Gulf. The water is 150 times more toxic than necessary to kill all the sea life in some areas yet they say it is now safe to swim in and eat the fish? The oil just mysteriously disappeared. Out of sight, out of the media, out of mind. The air, the water, and the fish are deadly and people are experiencing the side effects mostly unreported by the press. These are the ways of the beast and they are unsustainable, genocidal and without soul or spirit. By their fruits you will know them, a man's or corporations actions define their character and these major corporations are responsible for the pandemics, environmental disasters, the poisoning of the air, land and water. They are responsible for the manufactured lack, poverty, and the unbridled greed causing so many to loose their homes and assets. They are the war and disease profiteers now controlling the government. It is all coming to a head.

These international banksters, war and disease profiteers need war and disease, they need a threat to stay in business. They are the creators of these threats. Don't be distracted by false flag operations, manufactured terrorists, future pandemics. Look at the root cause and source of these problems. When the media is pointing fingers at these dire events there are three fingers pointing back at them and their corporate sponsors.

The last major red flag is predictions as though it will be business and usual and putting off contact until some later date far into the future. Contact is happening NOW. It has been going on since time began. Your ancient history is replete with contact. It is recorded in your ancient texts, religious texts, hieroglyphs and petro glyphs. Who do you think designed and built the pyramids around the world? The oldest trick in the book is to keep you looking back into the past or in some far off distant future. Contact is happening NOW. Between now and 2012 it will not be business as usual and there are those who know this and have prepared for it in massive underground facilities. They actually believe they are going to surface after most of humanity is wiped out and again rule the world. There is no bunker that will save them from themselves, their karma and the fact that they have not risen to the new Earth frequencies. One crack in their facilities and they will be like drowned rats. The cracks are coming.

There are off world visitors coming to Earth. There are beings here, which love humanity deeply and have always been here observing, inspiring warning and praying humanity would awaken, turn away from its aggressive destructive ways. There are those who have been rooted here for quite some time, self- serving factions interfering in Earth's evolution who care nothing for the people or the environment. There are those who are willing participants doing their bidding. They will sell their souls, the health and well being of their families and neighbors for those little green pieces of paper. This is the real threat and it is about to be removed.

The scepter has been passed. The Pleiadians as the main group along with other spiritually and technologically benevolent Star Nations are now taking over. There is the Orion Council of Light, Andromedans, Some Sirians, Arcturians and a few others coming to assist Earth in her transition. The Pleiadians established the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria therefore there is a karmic as well as genetic connection. In other words lets not call them ETs. How about the greater family of man. The Earth's history as far as humans roaming and colonizing the Earth go back as far as 600 million years. There are artifacts, which have established this. Many on the Earth are more from the stars than from Earth in their souls and they are being activated, awakened to their mission and their higher nature. If you often gaze at the stars, especially a certain constellation odds are you have family there. If you doodle triangles and odd geometry this is another sign. If you feel like you never really fit in, find the greed and aggression here on Earth as well as the destruction of the environment nonsensical and appalling odds are you got the genetic downgrade and are more off world in your soul and with some genetically than from Earth. If you are service oriented into healing and awakening others odds are you came from the heavens. Actually our souls all came from the same source and return to the same source despite all the cultural and religious programs we run on Earth but that is another book in itself.

Now is the time to no longer serve the beast, wake up. A new world is coming, the old world is collapsing. It is unsustainable within the new frequencies. Your entire solar system is entering a new place in the universe, which is highly charged. You are entering an alignment with galactic plane. There is a large body coming your way, which you need to prepare for. Let the old world collapse, remove yourself and stop contributing to the old world. It is beyond restructuring or repair, unsustainable, and corrupt beyond measure. Learn to live in harmony with each other and nature. Living a thoroughly loving joyous abundant life is your god given right. Nature is abundant. Live according to the universal law, universal principles such as Brother/Sisterly Love, Universal Peace, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. Anything else will hinder you from making the shift. We know there will always be those who want to continue living a life of denial, they ignore all the signs, dismiss this as fear mongering, unspiritual despite a long history of accuracy and 28 years of warnings concerning the times that are unfolding. That is their right. Their world may not unfold as they have planned for Nature has a different plan but as eternal souls they will come around again and have a second chance in a new body. Hopefully as better listeners.
Pass this far and wide, you have our permission.

James Gilliland

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sacred Site of Mataniwi

The Sacred Cave have been discovered by Astraelia at the age of 7 and this discovery is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. It is part of a very ancient megalithic sacred site, whose discovery have been kept a secret for more than 50 years. There are 5 magnificent sacred sites around the Matawini mountain. There is a crystal obelisk in the sacred cave, a megalithic Stonehenge stone circle on the top of the Matawini mountain, & a Cristal Crop Circle of the symbol of the Galactic Federation on the Giant Rock Site. The role of this site is to be an anchoring point in the Light Grid of Earth for the Light current energies that are being channeled toward Earth by the Armada of the Galactic Federation of Light, in preparation for the dimensional spiritual ascension of 2012, that will bring us back to full consciousness.  

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David Icke interviewed by Jack Blood September 29 2010 -1/4

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We Are One - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

We Are One. There Is No Separation. 10-10-10
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  

Humanity has been through some incredible shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness this past summer. Now the I AM Presence, the God Self of each person, is able to communicate more effectively within the heart and conscious mind. These powerful shifts allowed our I AM Presence to burst the bonds of our manipulative human ego. Once that was God Victoriously accomplished, our I AM Presence escorted this wayward aspect of our personality into the schools of learning in the Inner Planes where it will be transformed. Our human ego is no longer able to manipulate us or to block our forward progress the way it has for aeons of time. This is allowing people everywhere to awaken at an accelerated pace. When people awaken, they lift their hearts and minds, which, in turn, raises their consciousness and allows the Light of God to increase on Earth. When our consciousness is raised and the Light of God increases in our lives, we begin to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” 

We do not need to fully comprehend just why this wondrous event occurred during this particular time, but know that it is the result of the dedicated work of millions of Lightworkers and the entire Company of Heaven over decades of time. Now, day-by-day, the newfound freedom from our human ego is enabling us to more easily hear the “still small voice within.” This phenomenon has the wonderful effect of allowing us to clearly perceive the Oneness of Life and the Divine Truth that all Life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. We now realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are One with ALL Life and that there is no such thing as “us and them.”  Our erroneous belief in separation is what has caused the pain and suffering people are experiencing all over the world.  Our responsibility now is to heal the polarization that was created by our human egos. Never have circumstances been more perfectly aligned to accomplish this mighty feat.

Just imagine, the I AM Presence within each person can now act unimpeded by the sabotaging antics of the human ego. All we have to do is ask our I AM Presence to take dominion of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions and to guide us through our daily experiences with Divine Intelligence and Reverence for ALL Life. This will help us to stay focused in the Light as we transmute the obsolete behavior patterns that were associated with our human egos.

Our Etheric Bodies are known as “the seat of all memory.” Everything we have experienced through all of our Earthly sojourns is recorded in this vehicle. That means that the memories of our human ego’s devious schemes and deceptions are recorded in this vehicle. Since we are all creatures of habit, if we do not stay focused on our I  AM Presence, it will be easy for us to have a reflex response to our life experiences that imitates our ego’s behavior. That will occur, simply, because that is the way we were used to acting in the past. It is our responsibility to be PRESENT in every moment of our lives. Daily and hourly, we must think and feel aligned with our I AM Presence BEFORE we respond to a situation. Move away from any trace of fear and say to yourself, “I AM my I AM Presence. From this level of Divine Consciousness, how will I respond to this situation? How will I add to the Light of the world with my thoughts, words, feelings, actions, beliefs, and attitudes in this instance?” Then with listening Grace, respond to the Divine Guidance of your I AM Presence.

Without the interference of our human egos, we will hear the guidance of our I AM Presence in new and profound ways. This has been extremely difficult in the past, but that is over. Everything has changed! Listen and Trust yourself.

An easy test to be sure you are responding to the guidance of your I AM Presence and not merely connecting with the etheric records of your human ego is to ask yourself “Is this response free from fear? Is it the most positive way of handling this situation? Does this response involve the highest good for all concerned? Am I adding to the Light of the world by responding in this way?” If your answer is “NO” to any of these questions, the guidance is not coming from your I AM Presence. You are responding from a residual habit of your ego from the past.

Instead of acting out of that old habit, center yourself and ask your I AM Presence for guidance again. Do this as many times as you need to until you are able to answer “YES” to all of the questions.

Many people are not aware on a conscious level that their I AM Presence has succeeded in bursting the bonds of their human ego and that they are now free from their ego’s fear-based manipulation. They may not even realize that they have an I AM Presence. Consequently, they will not know about asking their I AM Presence these important questions before responding to the situations in their life. These people are going to be more prone to act out of the old habits and the obsolete behavior patterns of their human ego. But, fortunately, there is an answer to this problem, and the Company of Heaven is asking for our assistance in resolving this situation.

Since we are One with ALL of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity, we can invoke their I AM Presence on their behalf. Everyone still has the free will to ignore the inner guidance of their I AM Presence, but without the interference from their human ego they will hear this guidance much more easily. The important thing to remember is that our I AM Presence is very practical, therefore the guidance always involves viable options and solutions that will enhance our lives and the lives of others. It is hard to keep resisting this kind of guidance. As we perpetually invoke the I AM Presences of our sisters and brothers around the world and ask THEM to intervene in their lives, eventually, even the most resistant person is going to respond to the heart call of their I AM Presence. Then that person will see the life-enhancing results of their actions, which will motivate them to listen to that inner guidance on a regular basis.

It is impossible for us to truly comprehend the magnitude of what it means for all of us to be free from the manipulation of our egos, but our lives have been transformed. Instead of feeling like we are struggling to accomplish our goals by walking through tar with gale force winds blowing in our face, we are now empowered in new ways by our I AM Presence and the Divine Intervention of the Heavenly Realms. The patterns of perfection we focus on for our individual life and our collective lives as the Family of Humanity, will manifest much more quickly. Through the newly created template of Unity Consciousness and Humanity’s newfound freedom from our human egos, we will cocreate the New Earth in a very tangible way sooner than we ever dreamed possible.

Daily and hourly, things are going to get better on this planet. Pay attention, and empower only that which reflects the Higher Order of Being associated with your I AM Presence. Then you will automatically empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth through your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

KNOW that through your I AM Presence, you are the Divine Qualities of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and Victory freeing Humanity, and all of the energy bonds within Humanity, which include the relationships and the interactions of all people, all races, all religions, all organizations, and all nations. You are your I AM Presence liberating these interactions into the harmony of a Higher Order of Being, thus expanding the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth. You know this Higher Reality within your heart and mind, and through your I AM Presence you are a calm ocean of these Divine Qualities flooding the Earth. 

We have God Victoriously made a quantum leap up the 5th-Dimensional Spiral of Evolution. There is no turning back! Be at Peace, and enjoy the ride. Your time has come.   And so it is.

A RARE OPPORTUNITY - OCTOBER 10, 2010 - 10-10-10

We are all being presented with a rare opportunity to catapult Humanity forward into the consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. On October 10, 2010, 10-10-10, there will be myriad activities of Light around the world that will increase the Light of God on Earth. I would like to share with you one of the events that resonates most deeply in my heart. This event is being orchestrated by an organization named The Power of One.

The Power of One - 10-10-10

We could co-create a whole New World, of the people, by the people, with the planet............Starting now.

Imagine what it would feel like to envision and then create the world we most deeply want. Imagine what Humanity would be capable of if we all could come together as One, starting with endorsing a simple Declaration of Interdependence.

10.10.10 Humanity’s Date with Destiny is a worldwide invitation to begin a new era of planetary healing, global community, and co-creative partnership with all Life. In the powerful venue of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., 10.10.10 invites Humanity to begin the new era by coming together to make a profound, historic and visible demonstration of the collective will to form the Founding Family of the New World.

When we pause for a moment in silence...

When we make the Declaration of Interdependence...

When we declare ourselves the Founding Family of the New World...

When we encourage everyone we know to do the same...

We become a drop that makes countless ripples...

That Create the New World.

TAKE ACTION - The more of us that declare ourselves to be the Founding Family — showing up on 10.10.10 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, at events around the world, or even virtually — the more visible our collective readiness to create the New World becomes. Isn’t it time?

About Us:  10.10.10. Humanity’s Date with Destiny is organized by Power of One, a 501(c)3 charitable organization in collaboration with an emerging founding family of people and organizations who are declaring themselves ready to co-create the New World. Our mission is to inspire and empower integrated action by people and organizations toward transformation to a peaceful, sustainable global society. Drawing on advanced sciences and collective consciousness, we develop initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations that stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovative financing and business models in service to the whole.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 3 Kan, 2 Uo, 7 Ik

Selamat Jaram! Much has happened since last week! The dark cabalists are scrambling to procure their survival and our Earth allies are maintaining the pressure on them. At present, the dark is working on a plan to use its growing debt as leverage to amass desperately needed capital without which it faces massive bankruptcy from which it can never recover. Knowing this, our Earth allies are focused on denying this infusion of assets to the dark. The prospects are that the dark cabal's strategy to accrue new monies is to fail, and our Earth allies expect this situation to end with the dark's capitulation. When this moment arrives, the dark has no choice but to agree to the terms laid down by the Earth allies. This is when the triumph we have long discussed with you becomes reality! Our Earth allies are ready at that time to formally begin the inauguration of a series of caretaker governments that are to set in motion the various procedures and programs that we have been discussing with you.

These changes in how government on your world operates are the next step on your road to full consciousness. The purpose is to realign government so that it actually reflects what you the people truly intend, and consequently, an extensive exchange between government and the public needs to begin. It is one thing to be accountable, and quite another to be truly representative of public opinion. The intent of the new governance is to have many different opinions come together and be openly expressed. This national conversation need not be muddied by quaint political maneuvers; rather, the objective here is for a range of possibilities to be fully discussed and a reasonable plan of action agreed to by all. Such a proposal requires that the public become aware, educated, and prepared to enter into this national dialogue. Creating such a milieu is a prime goal of these new regimes, which means that in the initial stages, government will be without a working legislature and an ill-conceived judiciary. The point is to re-create these branches so that they uphold Common Law and honor its citizenry.

Another major goal is to review all that was instituted by former governments and work swiftly to correct what is unconstitutional or ineffective. Government manifestly needs to alter its underlying principles, and these caretaker regimes come to power with a well thought out and lengthy agenda. This agenda involves more than bringing prosperity and common sense to this realm: it is about allowing a new consciousness to rise up and be fully embraced. Mother Earth has endured humanity and its dark masters for 13 millennia, and it is time now to graduate to perceptions that bring the power of the Light into full play. You have been marinated for eons in a witches' brew of lies, innuendo, and manipulation, which have brought your societies to the brink of extinction. This folly needs to be replaced with something completely different. This something must be righteous, far-reaching, and inspiring, and able to be quickly manifested by government and, above all, by each of you. This something has been thoroughly mapped out by our Earth allies and by us, and is capable of laying the groundwork for first contact.

What we are talking about is a conscious relationship between humanity and Mother Earth (Gaia). Gaia has long accepted your limited state and provided a safe environment for your many lessons in growth. She has endured endless wars and other excesses that have marked your societies through the ages. The time comes now to return to another level, away from the exploitation of either off-world overlords, like the Anunnaki, or by their earthly minions or cabals. The next step is to take responsibility for your actions. Your new governance needs to accommodate this growth in public responsibility and the Earth allies have designed their agenda with this in mind. A great deal of profound change is to take place which requires your support and your full participation. Policies will be enacted that are geared to this end. A series of revelations will also be announced. We are to take part in this operation after a short period, and then together we can prepare for first contact.

Once the dark is no longer at the helm, a whole lineup of topics is to be broadcast by the new governments. This will be your first opportunity to come together and interact with your new governance. A great prosperity is to roll out. Massive debt forgiveness will occur, and many other actions that liberate your economic potential set in motion. This increases the opportunities for paying more direct attention to government and for forging a new relationship there. The ongoing revelations are to include the disclosure of our benevolent presence and the fact that we have been helping. As many amazing, suppressed technologies are made public, you need to sort out what this all means. We want you to discuss everything openly with each other and with your governments. The age of special-interest corporations is over, leaving the way open for you to assume your responsibilities and create governance you can all be proud of!

To participate in such a world requires a certain diligence. Your wealth is no excuse not to take part in what is happening. Many changes need your feedback and, especially, some follow-up monitoring. Government is to be carried out within the context of Common Law. Mindless, irrational government regulation is at an end, and in its place is your active response. Be ready to contribute and make your voice heard! In a galactic society everyone participates, and each person's ideas and suggestions are regarded as vital to a society's well-being. A society made up of self-actualized individuals works best. Our Earth allies envision you as honored participants in this new open society. Each of you is a sovereign Being. You possess talents and creativity that can bring ingenious and original solutions to bear on any and all problems facing the collective.

Knowing who you truly are is a central component of being fully conscious. This period of inaugurating new governments is when this process of stepping-up to a new personal identity can begin. You need to move beyond the very polarized world of special-interest party politics into a transformative place filled with amazing technologies that allow you to be part of many interlocking communities. These local, regional, and national communities require redefinition. You have been fragmented, indeed 'atomized', by the dark matrix, and positive change on the scale being planned means an about-face in your attitudes and actions. Propelling such change will be the new technological devices which, once widespread, can produce a multileveled web, analogous to neural networks. These networks are to be the foundation for what we are trying to describe to you.

Within the framework created by this new technology you can blossom, rise in consciousness, and get a better idea of what lies ahead. Your future is not merely an improved projection of the current status; you are destined to become someone who can handle a wholly different world, and this world is to come at you full tilt when first contact happens. Prior to that, you will have these small samplings of galactic society. The Light has set an agenda and a timetable for this transformation, and events are happening in secrecy which are to make possible the many astonishing changes to your world. Together with our Agarthan brethren we have instigated ways to hasten our arrival on your shores and these plans are to be introduced to you shortly!

Today, we brought you up to speed regarding developments on your world. We are ready at any moment to carry out first contact with you. This magical moment is to reunite your planet, return you to full consciousness, and set up the foundation for your galactic society and your star-nation. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA
Voicemail: 808-573-3110 | E-mail: | Website address:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Julian Assange - Wikileaks

Julian Assange on the Afghanistan war logs: 'They show the true nature of this war'

July 26, 2010 - Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, explains why he decided to publish ...

4 Hour Witness DVD - Part 1 of 2

Monday, August 09, 2010


SaLuSa - August 9, 2010

These are times when you are dealing with personal battles within. Old beliefs and knowledge that do not carry the new higher vibrations are surfacing for clearing, but sometimes it is hard to let go. You are entering a period of intense changes and the old is breaking down, and the new energies bring truth and all that you require to forge ahead on the pathway to the Golden Age. It will be quite a revelation as you realize the immensity of the changes to self, as your old mindset is easily replaced by all that is pure and wholesome. Indeed, as you progress it becomes easier to move further along the path of Ascension. Making those first positive moves are the hardest, as you will be reluctant to leave your old established ways behind. Sometimes it involves family and friends, and the new you seems somewhat strange to them. You may even experience opposition or direct rejection, as your psyche changes. We would say that it is important to stay your path and not be held back by emotional re-actions. All souls at this time have to decide whether they are going to take the opportunity to ascend, and those that do not are bound to proceed on a different path.

Most likely when the changes commence, a lot of interest will be generated by them. For those souls that are still awakening it may just be the nudge that lifts them up, and gives them the impetus to open up to the truth. We know that the most reluctant souls will be those who have placed their complete faith in religious orders. They will find it difficult to accept that they could have erred in their understanding, or have even been deliberately mislead. For some the challenge will be too much, and they will prefer to hold onto their existing beliefs. That is of course accepted as a show of their freewill choice, and it will be honored. Since you are infinite souls and in reality there is no such thing as time because it is all in the Now, you can spend as much time as you desire at any one level. So Dear Ones do not be too concerned if those souls close to you appear to be content where they stand at present. Certainly if their lessons have not yet been completed, they will want to do so before they move on.

A soul can at anytime ascend if they are ready, but as you know by now the end of this Solar Cycle allows for everyone to ascend. It is a special time when great effort is made by Beings all through the higher dimensions, to get you prepared for it. Say the word and your guides are with you in an instant, and the Angels will oversee your progress. For your part acknowledge their presence and ask for guidance, as without your approval it will be looked upon as interference. That may sound harsh but nothing is allowed to be imposed upon you by others. You may feel that many of your experiences are uncalled for, but we assure you that they are all connected with your life plan. Have you not been made aware that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that is the reason why they are so important to you? Naturally some coincidences appear of no real significance, and may be of minor importance. However, where you experience the harsh reality of life, it is for your spiritual understanding and development.

The difference from where you are now in the present dimension and the higher ones is most substantial, and there you will be living a completely different type of life. Gone will be the drudgery and drag of life as you know it, and if you have any concept of what paradise is like you may have just an impression of what it is like. To live it is almost too difficult to put into words, but you could say it is heavenly, idyllic and enfolds you in its beautiful vibration of Light. How often do you feel tired in your physical body, or suffer pain and disability, well let us say that all of it will be put behind you when you rise up. Such conditions will never be repeated again, as none of the physical problems can relate to your Light body. Its vibrations are so high that nothing can manifest except it is in its perfect expression. When times get hard remind yourself of how short lived they will be, and how in next to no time they will become just distant memories.

The cleansing of Earth moves on and inevitably there will be the passing of many souls as a result. They will be received in the higher dimensions with great love and understanding, and for their part it is something of a release from what is often a very poor standard of living. For those that remain in areas where the worst effects are felt, it is a cry to Humanity to find out whether they can find love and compassion for their own kind. Can you ignore their plight, or are you able to see in others yourself. It is not unusual that in the end times a civilization is tested to see how far they have traveled their spiritual paths. We see a great change for the better than even the early years following the Millennium, when your consciousness levels had already risen up. You are in times when you must reach for your own destiny and allow others to do the same. There are many different paths to the future that have opened up, which is why not everyone's reality is identical.

In some ways you are in a most peculiar time, as you are looking to release yourself from old ties yet they travel along beside you. The cauldron of life bubbles over, and it is a rare mixture of possibilities. However, live your own path and concentrate on what you have envisaged will take you onto Ascension. As you do so the dark energies will be unable to affect you, and a successful conclusion to this life will be assured. There will be more and more distractions, and they are but the final attempts of the dark forces to confuse you. By now you should have learnt how to deal with them, so do not let them concern you or take your focus off your own goal. They are often accompanied by the energies of fear, which is a deliberate ploy to attract your attention. We are most pleased to find that as people wake up to the truth, they are less inclined to fall for the lies and contrived events, that denigrate those who are of the Light and lead people out of duality.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is bristling with excitement, as matters on Earth are reaching a conclusion. The bubble is about burst, and we are urging allies to seize the opportunity to bring an end to the control of the dark Ones. It will be done without bloodshed and in the most positive manner with a loving intent.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.       

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll



This is a true story of a UFO contact from a planet called IARGA - by the alien astronauts visiting our Earth. They say that their Sun is about 10 light years as we count time from us, and that they have been observing us for some time.....

This story was first published in Dutch by Ankh-Hermes of Deventer, Netherlands in 1969 and has gone through 11 Editions and 40,000 hardbound copies in Dutch since then. It has been published as science fiction up to now because the publisher originally felt that this story would not sell as fact. Nevertheless it is a true account of real events and we are publishing it as such, here, for the first time, together with the very extensive follow-on data as the contacts continued right up to the present time. We have investigated this case extensively over the past 4 years and conclude that the facts do in reality verify and support the story. The witness is a very well educated and highly articulate master mechanical engineer and an architectural artist as well, a rare combination ideally suited for this contact if the alien visitors wanted their information to be understood and presented with any degree of accuracy.

continued at link....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spirit Light Resources - Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D.

Message from the Masters:

Message from the Unified Council
July 26, 2010

* Note from Meg ~ This message is about as strong as they come. It is clear in its intent and to many of you may seem as if we have gone off the deep end. I hesitated whether or not to put this out because of how many may take it and frankly I expect it will create quite a stir. So be it.

I do not see this as a message of fear, but one of deep truth that many of us don’t like to hear. That they came and delivered this message in the way that they have tells me that it is time fir us to listen deeply to the message they brought.

If we look beyond our fears, there is truth in this that is undeniable. If it fits wear it, if not, discern for your self, for no one else can. In peace and with all

Meg Blackburn Losey

We greet you in unison.

We wish to speak with you in this now regarding you as humanity. As in all creation there are many aspects of the human race, many colors, traditions and beliefs and yet underlying in all of that is the simple truth that each of you is a soul who is infinite who has come to earth to experience life.

To each of you, your experiences are either similar or far different that that of others. Depending upon where you are in your world, your lives are calm and prosperous or are devastatingly interrupted by war, strife, famine and other trials to living. And yet somehow no matter where you are, the eternal connection between you seems to have become a nebulous aspect of reality, an idea or perhaps and ideal, but not of cold hard reality. Not of unconditional grace.

You are aware of others in your world having different experiences and still it is difficult for the reality of your communal experiences to be felt. The reality of each other has become buried in the necessity to survive, to achieve, to become whatever you imagine it is that you should.

In your very perceptions of value many of you have negated your relations to each other in exchange for competitive or isolated existence. It concerns us deeply that empathy for fellow humans seems to be lacking in many hearts.

Further, it appears that for the most part, living in communion with your earth also lacks truth. There exists great denial as to her true condition. Your earth has been injured many times, and in your current days, there are injuries in place that are devastating life and lives yet who stands up and speaks on her behalf, speaking for her and all those whose lives she supports?

Who stands in the truth of your souls and your planet, commanding change and expecting miracles? Not the general population who consume the natural resources with barely a thought as to their limited availability. Not the general population who has allowed for corporate gold to be the downfall of individual value. Not those in general who remain silent as one injury upon another is inflicted to your planet and therefore your very futures.

As the earth bleeds oil, nuclear tests continue, grids of electromagnetic frequencies in the form of H. A. A. R. P. and other auspices are set up and even directed specifically toward populations in the sea and on earth, lasers and sound are designed to cut to the quick or to destroy human life while ignoring the rules of nature.

Garbage is buried in the ground or dumped on your oceans. The byproducts of fuel and other emissions are released into your atmosphere causing tearing and thinning of your atmosphere. Pollutants spew regularly into your oceans and water supplies, and genetically modified foods are slowly moving through the food change causing mutations in the metabolic processes of most creatures great and small.

Your populations grow without foresight of how to balance all of their needs with the limited resources of your planet. Many crops are utilized for fuel instead of growing something otherwise that could feed starving masses.

As all of this occurs, in general most of you are comfortable and therefore consider that things may not perhaps be as bad as “they” say. No. They are much worse. And they propagate randomly and without restraint or restrictions because not nearly enough souls on your planet have said that they have had enough or have acted on behalf of the planet and therefore the sustaining of life upon it.

These kinds of unawareness cannot go on unendingly as ultimately the integral lack of awareness or concern spreads like a cancer throughout your world allowing for those in power to suck you in even without you knowing. Complacency is viral and manages to interrupt the greater course of humanity into stagnancy and worse, victimization on a grand scale.

To you, these may appear to be harsh words, or perhaps even to your perception, of a negative nature, but then not all truth is borne of fragrant light. Some truths are borne of denial. Often truth brings a reality check that is necessary for a change of direction to occur toward a positive outcome. A change that otherwise would not have taken place.

What you must understand is that what happens upon your Earth, affects worlds upon worlds outside of your current and local reality. The expressions of energy that occur of and on your planet travel across all reality as if propelled by an unstoppable force. The expressions of your consciousness are hears like Clarian calls across all universes and we are listening. We have heard.

In most respects the frequencies of consciousness amongst humanity have risen at an impressive pace while the frequencies of darkness remain less prevalent. They are there, nonetheless, and as always will seek their own balance in the scheme of all things.

In the next few years, you, as beings of the One, have the opportunity to stand and be counted, to speak for your right to survive, to command change in your world, and to believe as you may toward whatever outcome you wish to envision.

You as beings of creation carry within you the light of lights, that which is of the source from which all of us came. Knowing that, you can reach deeply into your beings and ignite the fire within you. It is not to command and fight, but to have mercy upon the ignorant. To raise your voices in righteous anger as others seek to betray you and the land upon which you walk.

Reach deeply within you for the recognition that you are created of the wisdom of the entirety and left to become what ever your free will brings forth. You carry within you the seeds of all time, the races who have come and gone yet contributed to your very existence. You are the children of creation, babes in a span of infinite time, innocent at best and brilliant amongst the stars as well as within our hearts.

No more is the time to be complacent.
No more is the time for indecision.
No more is the time for inaction.

Your planet calls infinitely for your assistance. Its pleas have been heard across the galaxies. Do not let them fall on deaf ears where you stand. Rise up and claim her in the name of humanity and of all who walk upon her as well as those of us who seek to maintain balance within the greater One. We are listening. We are your greatest ally’s.

With sentiments for Universal Peace and balance amongst all things, the message has been given.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 

There are a lot of challenging things taking place on the planet at this time, but on July 17th and 18th, 2010, hundreds of thousands, and most likely millions, of people around the world participated in various activities of Light that were dedicated to cocreating a template for Unity Consciousness.  The Company of Heaven has assured us that our unified efforts were God Victorious, and now there is a template for Unity Conscious pulsating in, through, and around every particle and wave of Life on this planet.

So where do we go from here? Well, our responsibility now is to focus on the Light and to continually empower our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions with Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life. Today I would like to share some information with you that is being given to us by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The intent of this information is to help us see the bigger picture, so we can navigate through these wondrous but very confusing times.

As the Light of God increases on Earth, it pushes everything that conflicts with that Light to the surface to be healed and transmuted into its original perfection. We have just experienced a tremendous influx of Light through the global activities involving the cocreation of the template for Unity Consciousness. Now everything that conflicts with Unity Consciousness is being pushed to the surface to be healed. This includes the obsolete fear-based patterns of separation and duality.

This phenomenon can make it appear as though the accelerated influx of God's Light is making things worse, but nothing could be further from the Truth. That is an illusion. The Beings of Light have given us the following information because it is very important that we clearly understand what happens when we invoke the Light of God. They do not want us to become discouraged. They want us to "keep on keeping on," even in the face of apparent adversity.

Once again, it is vital that we remember we are all One. There is no separation. In order for us to move forward in the Light, we must first transmute the human miscreations we created in the past. That means that anything that conflicts with the Light of God must come to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection. This is what is meant by the statement "All that is hidden must now be revealed."

Regardless of how deplorable our human miscreations are, the energy that comprises those gross mutations was originally pure Light from the Heart of God. You and I and every other person responsible for creating those miscreations must transmute that energy back into pure Light. This is true for every single human miscreation. Anything that is not reflecting the harmony and balance of the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God is a human miscreation. This includes poverty, disease, hatred, prejudice, corruption, greed, violence, war, religious fanaticism, abuse of power, and every other physical manifestation that is less than the perfection of Heaven on Earth.

When we invoke the Light of God through our prayers, meditations, invocations, decrees, affirmations, or any other way, our Father-Mother God respond and the Light of God increases on Earth. This frequency of God's Infinite Perfection floods the planet and enters the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life.

Regardless of how dark or contaminated our human miscreations are, the energy within the core of that miscreation still pulsates with its original Divine Potential. That is true for every person, place, condition, or thing existing on this planet. For instance, in the core of every expression of poverty still pulsates the Divine Potential for God's Infinite Abundance. Within the core of every facet of disease still pulsates the Divine Potential of vibrant health. Within every manifestation of war is the Divine Potential of peace. Within every electron of hatred is the Divine Potential of love. This is true for people as well. No matter how far a person has fallen or how depraved or degenerate he or she may seem, that person still has the full Divine Potential of a Beloved Child of God blazing in their Heart Flame. 

The reason it sometimes appears as though things are getting worse after we invoke the Light of God is because of what happens when the Light enters the core of purity. When the Light of God enters the core of purity, it activates the original Divine Potential that is still encoded within that particle of Life. Everything that conflicts with that potential is then pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light. This is a necessary part of the process that has to be successfully accomplished in order to clear the way for the tangible manifestation of the Divine Potential.

What this means very practically is that when we invoke prosperity, the Light of God enters the core of purity in every electron of energy in our lives that conflicts with prosperity. This Light activates the Divine Potential in that energy, which is God's Infinite Abundance. Then the vibration of God's Abundance pushes to the surface every thought, word, action, or feeling that is responsible for manifesting our poverty. As the patterns that created our poverty surface to be healed, it often looks like things are getting worse, but that is never the case.

This illusion is caused by the fact that we can easily see the patterns associated with our poverty that are being pushed to the surface to be healed. What we cannot see as easily, is the powerful Light of God that is pushing those distorted patterns to the surface in order to clear the way for our prosperity. With the limited perception of our fearful human egos, we end up focusing our attention on the surfacing patterns of poverty instead of the patterns for God's Infinite Abundance.

Now with the influx of Unity Consciousness that is flooding the Earth, the patterns that conflict with that wondrous Light are being pushed to the surface. Those are the obsolete patterns of our fear-based separation and duality. We must be cognizant of this fact and pay close attention to what we are empowering with our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

It is critical for us to remember that we create our Earthly experiences through our thoughts and feelings. If we focus on fear, separation, and duality, that is what we empower and sustain in our lives. It is just that simple. Through our lack of understanding, we have created a vicious circle for ourselves. That is why these "end times" have been referred to in many teachings as "The time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth."

It is time for us to learn how to transmute the surfacing negativity in a more effective way, while staying focused on the positive things we are invoking. The Company of Heaven has given us guidance and wonderful tools that will help us to do just that. One of those tools is the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection.

In the Earth's natural orbital process known as the Precession of the Equinox, we have moved into the forcefield of Aquarius. This constellation resonates with the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection. This will be the predominant activity of Light on the Earth for the next 2,000 years.

The Violet Flame is comprised of the Sapphire Blue Ray of our Father God's Divine Will, Power and Authority, and the Crystalline Pink Ray of our Mother God's Transfiguring Divine Love, Adoration and Reverence for Life. This Sacred Fire reflects the perfect balance of our Father-Mother God.

The Violet Flame is a tool more powerful than our finite minds can conceive. When used consistently, it will transmute every electron of precious life energy we have ever misqualified at any time, in any existence, both known and unknown. It works as an atomic accelerator. It raises the frequency of all discordant energy into vibrations of healing and harmony. When we invoke the Violet Flame and empower it with feelings of forgiveness for our own mistakes and those of others, it works miracles.  

You do not have to fully comprehend every facet of the Violet Flame in order to use it effectively. All you have to do is ask your I AM Presence to take command, and then invoke this wondrous gift from the Heart of our Father-Mother God.

Let's join together in Unity Consciousness and invoke the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection on behalf of ourselves and every, man, woman, and child on Earth. I have stated this activity of Light in the first person, so that you will experience this individually and personally, but KNOW that you are also serving as a surrogate on behalf of every person evolving on this planet


Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, now blazing in my heart and the hearts of all Humanity, I invoke the Legions of Light throughout infinity who are associated with God's Violet Flame of Infinite Perfection.

Beloved Ones, blaze the full momentum of the Sacred Violet Fire in, through, and around every electron of precious Life energy I have ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown. Transmute these patterns of imperfection cause, core, effect, record, and memory into God's Harmony and Balance.

Beloved I AM, I invoke your Divine Intervention to blaze the Violet Flame through every thought, word, action, or feeling I have ever expressed that reflects anything less than my full Divine Potential.

Look into my life and see what yet remains to be balanced by me to any person, place, condition, or thing I may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever.

Reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the good energy I have released throughout my Earthly sojourns, and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as I have ever done wrong.

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt I have created which still remains unpaid to any part of Life.

Beloved I AM, I ask you to forgive every person, place, condition, or thing which may have wronged me in any way, and balance all debts owed to me by Life everywhere.

I accept this God Victoriously accomplished through the Power of God, I AM.   And so it is!


I invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Divine Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory, and the Silent Watchers, Mighty Guardians, and Cosmic Beings who are assisting Humanity at this time from Inner levels with the cocreation of the New Earth.

Blessed Ones, come now, and blaze forth the most powerful cleansing activity of the Violet Flame that Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment.

I open the Stargate of my Heart, and I AM instantly the Open Door for the most powerful 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection the Earth has ever experienced.

The Violet Flame pulsates through my Heart Flame and blazes in, through, and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness, and all obstructions of the Light that any person, place, condition, or thing has ever placed in the pathway of Life's perfection.

Through the Divine Power of God's Infinite Perfection the Violet Flame Transmutes this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory NOW and FOREVER.

The Silent Watchers over every country, state, city, town, village, and hamlet on the planet now reach out their great loving arms and raise up a limitless number of people in every location who are willing to participate in the faithful use of the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection.

Each of these Lightworkers understands the full importance of this sacred gift of the Violet Flame that is being offered by our Father-Mother God to help free Humanity from all human distresses.

The conscious use of this mighty power from the Heart of God will cause to be established within every one of these places great foci of the Violet Flame, which will continually bathe every person in each vicinity.

Now, through the Clarion Call of the I AM Presences of ALL Humanity and the Legions of Light throughout infinity, the Violet Flame begins to expand and expand.

It merges with the Divinity in every person's Heart Flame and expands into a tremendous Starburst of Light. This influx of the Violet Flame increases to the intensity and power of a thousand Suns. 

Beloved Legions of Light associated with the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection...

1.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings of every man, woman, and child evolving on Earth until every person individually acknowledges and accepts the Divinity within ALL Life, and every expression is a healing benediction.

2.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all incoming babies, the children, their parents, and guardians until ALL youth are raised up in energy, vibration, and consciousness to carry out the directives of their I AM Presence.

3.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all youth centers and activities; all schools, colleges and universities; all leaders, teachers, instructors, and professors in every line of endeavor until the Flames of God Illumination and Enlightenment are manifest and eternally sustained.

4.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all religious and spiritual teachings, so that Divine Love, Truth, Tolerance, and Universal Sisterhood and Brotherhood will quickly manifest.

5.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all doctors, nurses, healers, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, and every institution associated with healing of any kind until Divine Mercy, Compassion, and Healing are tangible realities for every person.

6.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all banking and financial institutions, all economic systems, all money, and the people associated with monetary interactions of any kind until every person on Earth is openly demonstrating true integrity, honesty, generosity, fairness, abundance, and the God supply of all good things.

7.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all places of incarceration and all employed there, through every correctional institution and every judge, jury, and court of law until Divine Justice is manifest and eternally sustained.

8.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through all space activities throughout the world until every nation unites in cooperative service, so that God's Will may be manifest with our sisters and brothers throughout the Universe.

9.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Humanity until all disease and human miscreation, its cause and core, is dissolved and transmuted into purity, vibrant health, and physical perfection.

10.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns through the food and water industries and through all of the food and water used for human consumption until every particle of food and every molecule of water is filled with Light. Empower this Elemental substance to raise the vibratory action of Humanity's physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies until physical perfection becomes a sustained manifest reality for every Human Being.

11.  Blaze the Light of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every remaining electron of precious Life energy until the Immaculate Concept of the New Earth is manifest, and all Life evolving here is out picturing the perfection of God's Infinite Physical Perfection and the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. 

And so it is, Beloved I AM.

Precious Hearts, I have two new videos that I have posted on my website in the form of FREE WEBINARS. The videos are titled "Take Charge of Your Life" Part 1 and 2. Just go to my home page and click on the link at the top of the page that refers to the two videos. 

In the videos I have discussed the Violet Flame and the auspicious moment we are now experiencing in great detail. I believe this will help you to see the bigger picture and to feel encouraged and supported during these changing times.
I want to thank you with all my heart for your willingness to be an Instrument of God on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
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©2010 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles