Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aurora Eagles The Ashtar Command Group for Alaska

A WELCOME MESSAGE FROM COMMANDER ASHTAR Greetings, Beloveds, in the Light of the Most Radiant One Lord Jesus Sananda!

I AM Commander Ashtar Sheran of The Ashtar Command.

It is my distinct pleasure to connect with you today in this way through my words and through the energy I send with these words that will be felt by all who read this message.

The Ashtar Command can be considered to be the Airborne Division of The Great White Brotherhood. It is a Space Command serving in the vicinity of Earth, comprised of many millions of members from many cosmic civilizations and hundreds of thousands of starships, also called Lightships.

Though I am the nominal leader of this Command, we consider our Commander in Chief to be Lord Sananda, the same soul who lived on planet Earth as Yeshua/Jesus. I, Ashtar, serve at the request of the Council of Nine Silent Ones who serve as agents and direct administrators for the Supreme Creator. I am also considered to be an elder and ambassador from the Great Central Sun Hierarchy and the High Council of Melchizedek on Sirius.

The Ashtar Command cooperates and serves with the Archangelic Command of Lord Michael, as well as with the other Archangels, especially Archangel Gabriel, and also with Ascended Ones from many planets, including Lady Master Mother Mary, Master St. Germaine, Lady Magdalen, Master Kuthumi, Master ElMorya and numerous others who serve as Teachers of Wisdom.

The members of The Ashtar Command may be described as ambassadors from the Great Central Sun on a mission of peace and goodwill. Many beings from many, many civilizations work with the Ashtar Command. From the local solar system and higher dimensions than that of Earth, these extraterrestrial volunteers are from Venus, Mars, and Saturn. Other Command volunteers from the Milky Way Galaxy are from Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion and from one of the most advanced civilizations come the Arcturians.

Among Command volunteers are also many who have agreed to serve on planet Earth/Gaia herself. These volunteers also come from many cosmic civilizations. Some have had previous incarnations on Earth and have been born into Earth human bodies in their present lifetime. For some, this is their first incarnation on Earth. Still others have come to Earth to serve by what is termed a walk-in. I personally chose to call all of these brave Earth volunteers my Eagles.

If you are reading this, Beloved One, and feeling this message within your heart and soul, you may be assured you surely are one of these beautiful Eagles whom I hold in such great esteem!

The Ashtar Command has a multifaceted mission. The first mission is to assist the transformation of humanity and planet Earth from the present third/fourth dimension to the fifth dimension and Earth's seventh Golden Age. The second mission is to maintain the stability of the Earth's polar axis and continually monitor its magnetic field. The third mission is that The Ashtar Command is prepared, if necessary, to evacuate the planet and relocate the total population in the event of a natural catastrophe. The fourth mission is the return to Earth of the Christ and other Lords of Light. The fifth mission is to bring planet Earth into the United Confederation of Planets.

The Aurora Eagles, the Alaskan Ashtar Command presence, was established in March of 2008 at my request. My direct representative and channel and one to whom I have given responsibility for the coordinating and leadership of this Alaska group is Commander Mari-el Novios. She is not originally from this Universe, but, like many of us, has come here in loving service. She has served for many eons in various Space Commands and is well qualified to represent The Ashtar Command in this most important Alaska mission.

Alaska has for some time been critically important to many activities of this Command. Within this beautiful state is located Denali, the Great One, which is the crown chakra of planet Earth. The pristine and largely untouched vastness of this state and the cleanliness of air and waters here make it an especially comfortable place for the participation of many extraterrestrial races of higher vibrations, such as we who are considered to be “etherians.”

Many of our Command ships can be seen in your skies, not as “nuts and bolts” ships, but as the lenticular clouds and other saucer-shaped “clouds” which do not quite look like clouds. We are very often seen “hiding in plain sight.”

If the words of this, my welcome message to you, do make your heart sing, then join us in our mission here in Alaska and for the entire planet.

Your password to embark upon this mission with us is LOVE.

Come fly with me, Beloved Eagles!

I Am Yours in Love and Service, Ashtar Sheran

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