Friday, May 14, 2010

New Moon 2010 by Blue Star


27" G minor

Birthed in beautiful Cherry

New Moon May 2010
Blue Star


ahhhh As we welcome this new cycle that today's New Moon brings,
We ride the reflective waves that mirror who we are,
we meet in the layers of our collective vibrations....

And there we feel our hearts grow warm and feel and know each other
as family!

New levels of awareness surround us now, Everywhere we focus we now
Intelligence is growing......Intelligence is Gathering,
Merging....Laughing Playing....

As we move and create our new world we move twords our collective
we witness UNITED STATES transform into UNITED VISIONS!

As we Choose the door of intelligence we shall leave behind all
conflict and war....
As those who have known war as needed for some imagined reason,
shall now witness our collective Vision of Love and join the Great

Let us celebrate our intelligence that is seeded in our Heart and
shared in our smiles and play....

One last look, as we leave behind OLD U STATES and birth UNITED

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Sending New Moon waves of laughter and smiles as we feel the
perfection we are co-creating.....

In Love we are Light.... Blue Star
Sending Waves of Love From The Heart...Blue Star
Blue Star
Box 908
Roberts Creek,B.C. V0N2W5

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