Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Making a Meaningful Difference

Posted: 17 May 2011 06:16 PM PDT

Most of my messages give answers to what has become a major disaster for the majority of Earth's inhabitants. Nowhere can one answer be found about the annihilation of the human experiment. Only awareness can make a difference. Awareness comes when many conscious beings, acting from honest contributions to the collective dream, change the manifestion. Collective awareness and actions towards a different actualization can awaken others to join the change activities. Collective consciousness can do what one or two cannot. But one or two can make awareness their goal and act as change agents for new beginnings.

Corruption has been the most disturbing dilemma of modern times. Any answer to corruption will mean nothing unless corrupt minds can be anointed with grace. As an answer of this nature is bigger than anything man has been able to accomplish, more than an army of highly developed Masters are needed to deliver this amount of grace. An ascension of millions can do it. Not an ascension of the heart of humans, but a manifestation so huge that it cannot be denied.

In this existing collective consciousness there needs to be more than a dream of new conscious actions making a difference. This is why ascension as a group was conceived. Masters on all the continents have gone on after death of the body to lead more to ascension. Most of these leaders of awareness are the latest incarnation of another drama made into a most dramatic answer to corrupt conditions. It was the drama of Jeshua ben Joseph that got the attention of the masses. In another time it was the Buddha who was the catalyst for more awareness. Now it is a group of aware beings (collectively) that will make a major contribution to the healing of corruption in the most non-aware drama that has continued to emerge since Jeshua's days on Earth.

Politics and deception are not new. Both have manifested human greed as the optimum anthesis of its development. Controllers have been around since the Angels anointed the concept in the pre-dawn of human conception. Controllers are the dancers who make the need for light apparent. It is their gift to man.

Are we (Angels and Masters) an answer to duality consciousness? No, duality will always continue to be the Earth's dream condition. Our contribution is to those who are able to transcend duality.

Having a manifestation like Earth, where souls can become aware of the mental concepts that do not grow into love, became the Masters common ground to make a new advanced civilzation from the ashes of destruction. All those who chose to assist in this conversion became an adept of the divine, to deliver their awareness to the new collective being developed. An answer to human greed is in this collective anointing all the continents with grace.

Apathy among this group, and misguided New Age contributors to the mesmerization of the minds of many, has drained the collective of many contributions to this awareness that could have made a difference. As this has not developed as originally conceived, new approaches are in process.

Are you able to be one of the agents of change needed on this rocky road to ascension? We will all benefit, as a mass ascension can make the needed difference.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


Anonymous said...

I understand.


lilly said...

Very good to hear, not many people do.